Arsenal defender Joseph Olowu chooses to play for Nigeria instead of England


Highly-rated Arsenal defender Joseph Olowu has complete speculation regarding the country he can represent internationally by selecting to play for African country.

Joseph Olowu A product of the Gunners Hale finish Academy, Olowu was born in city nineteen years past before moving to England.

It is discovered for the primary time that he was on the microwave radar of high African country soccer Federation workers within the months leading up to the 2019 FIFA U20 tourney however sadly suffered a significant injury that complete his season and place paid to his dreams of taking part in for the Flying Eagles in Polska.

Within the returning days, Olowu is anticipated to trip Polska to observe one in all the matches involving the Flying Eagles.

The central defender can introduce himself to African country soccer Federation officers, employment workers and players once he arrives in Katowice.

Though he enclosed knowledgeable deal in Dec 2017, a departure from Arsenal within the summer can’t be entirely dominated out as he’s seeking varsity soccer.

Olowu, United Nations agency joined Arsenal at U14 level, has trained with the primary team within the past.


AFN members who participated

in ‘sharing’ the US$135,000 are given

3 days to refund the money


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