I Don’t like poor men – Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje tells men


Nollywood thespian, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje took to Instagram to inform men they need no excuse to be poor as a result of she has intolerance for poor men.

She wrote: ‘I ‘ve intolerance for poor men..do a legit job ..work hard ..you ‘ve no excuse to be poor.even within the bible it’s expressed that Man should until the bottom .stop been lazy and stop counting on folks to survive.. If you don’t have cash don’t unify even my brothers don’t seem to be exempted from this recommendation.’

In another post directed to girls, she wrote: ‘Ladies, pls whether or not you’re financially freelance and robust, if you don’t see a median tireless man or rich person don’t marry..I repeat don’t marry a poor person..marriage isn’t obligatory don’t permit society to pressurize you into wedding..life is simply too short to measure a tragic life.’

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