Popular Nigerian comedian I Go Dye expresses dissatisfaction at the rate of poverty in the country


Popular Nigerian comedian I Go Dye recently used his social media platform to reveal his mind and speak up on some pressing problems within the country that has to be properly looked into, by officers in government.

In a very long post shared on Instagram, the comedian started off by painfully presenting the problem of economic condition within the country, noting that ex-leaders that have taken their exit from workplace, still get pleasure from profit packages whereas elder statesmen who have given their sweat and blood for the state are left to toil for his or her rightful entitlements.

He recounted an experience he witnessed in Benin during which folks that have labored for the country for a amount of thirty five years were subjected to harsh conditions in a very bid to be get their pension.

In his last post on instagram, he spoke about reasons why he thinks African men can’t show affection. Which he attributed to the harsh economy.


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