The Queen and the entire Royal family have been fantastic – Donald Trump


President Trump has tweeted his praise for Queen Elizabeth and therefore the British house as he aforesaid his trip to London was going ‘really well’ simply moments before attending a state dinner at castle.

In a series of tweets before the event, Trump said: ‘London a part of trip goes very well. The Queen and therefore the entire house are fantastic. the link with the uk is incredibly sturdy.

Tremendous crowds of well wishers and other people that love our Country. Haven’t seen any protests however, however I’m certain the faux news are operating onerous to seek out them. nice love all around. Also, huge Trade Deal is feasible once U.K. gets eliminate the shackles. Already commencing to talk!’

Shortly after, he appeared next to Queen Elizabeth fully white tie. Melania opted for a custom designer dressmaking robe with matching white gloves.

Before sitting down for dinner, each the Queen and President Trump gave remarks. throughout his speech, Trump referred to as the Queen a ‘great, nice woman’ and thanked aristocrat Phillip, the Duke of capital, for his service. He wasn’t gift for the dinner.

‘We convey God for the brave sons of the uk and therefore the u. s. who defeated the Nazis. As we tend to honor our shared finish and heritage, we tend to affirm the common values which will unite North American country long into the future; freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, the rule of law and relevancy the rights given to North American country by almighty God.

Her impressiveness has stood as an emblem of those provisions. On behalf of all Americans I supply a toast to the eternal friendly relationship of our individuals, the vitality of our nations and really exceptional reign of Her impressiveness the Queen,’ Trump aforesaid.

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