Rihanna! The World’s Richest Female Musician


Famous initial as a singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, age 31, has since evolved into a mode icon and makeup entrepreneur—and presently she’ll be the primary Negroid responsible of a serious luxury fashion house. All those efforts add up to a $600 million fortune, creating her the wealthiest feminine musician within the world, before the likes of Madonna ($570 million), Céline Dion ($450 million) and Beyoncé ($400 million).

Most of that comes not from music however from her partnership with LVMH, the French luxury product large pass have physiologist Arnault. Rihanna (pronounced “Ri-ann-ah,” not “Ri-ah-nah,” as she recently clarified) and LVMH co-own the makeup whole Fenty Beauty. It launched in Sep 2017 at Sephora, another LVMH whole, and on-line at Fenty Beauty.com, quickly turning into a microorganism success. Fenty Beauty racked up a reportable $100 million in sales in its initial few weeks, propelled by Rihanna’s fame and seventy one million Instagram followers.

The entire tending trade in America has grown huge in recent years. In line with Grand read analysis, it might swell to quite $200 billion in sales by 2025, up from nearer to $130 billion in 2016. The market saw a record 134 M&A deals last year, together with P&G’s $250 million purchase of 10-year-old aid Beauty. maybe the foremost telling knowledge point: eleven of the eighty girls on Forbes’ list of the Richest successful girls made their cash in beauty or skin care merchandise. several did what Rihanna did, communicate the affordable selling chance conferred by social media. That works best for existing celebrities, as throwing stick MD and her throwing stick Cosmetics verified out, who will push their new merchandise at their existing followers.

Fenty Beauty has differentiated itself in in a different way, emotional forty reminder foundation, much more than the few hues sold-out by different brands. “It challenged the quality convention that you simply solely required a awfully outlined set of shades to satisfy a market,” says Stephanie Wissink, a quest analyst at Jefferies. “Not solely did [Fenty Beauty] bring home the bacon important sales, however it doubtless modified the trade for good.”

Sales still soar. Fenty Beauty generated associate degree calculable $570 million in revenue last year, once solely fifteen months in business. the whole operation is value, guardedly, quite $3 billion. Forbes estimates that LVMH owns associate degree calculable fiftieth of it, whereas Rihanna has regarding fifteenth, a figure a proponent for the creative person controversial however wouldn’t clarify more.

The Barbados native, who overcame hardships together with associate degree abusive addict father and a well-publicized assault by then-boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009, conjointly co-owns the Savage X Fenty underwear line with Los Angeles-based on-line fashion firm TechStyle Fashion cluster and has millions in earnings from her career road and emotional as a singer, that compose the remainder of her fortune.

Her empire continues to grow. In May, LVMH and Rihanna proclaimed Fenty, a replacement vesture house that may build high-end garments, shoes, accessories and jewellery.

“They extended the provide to Maine and it had been a no brainer as a result of LVMH could be a machine,” Rihanna told The New York Times Style Magazine. “Bernard Arnault was therefore enthusiastic; he sure Maine and my vision.”

The fashion line, that launched on-line in might, includes sizes up to U.S. 14, embodying the identical inclusive ideal of Fenty Beauty. it’ll exist below the identical umbrella as celebrated brands like fashion designer and Givenchy, marking LVMH’s initial new house in additional than thirty years.

“What Fenty Beauty did to beauty, Fenty fashion goes to try to to to fashion,” says Wissink. “It’s visiting raise the bar for what it’s prefer to build a whole that’s inclusive , game ever-changing, world and painting.”

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