Serena Williams launches her own venture-capital firm.


United States’ lawn tennis star, Serena Williams, has created history because the 1st contestant to form Forbes’ list of the World’s Richest successful girls.

According to the publication, the 23-time sweep champion created the list as a results of her calculable fortune of $224 million (£177m).

The majority of Williams’ fortune has been created as a results of her “brain and complete instead of her backhand”, in line with Forbes, with the star finance in thirty four startup businesses within the past 5 years alone.

Opening up regarding her monetary investments, Williams told the publication: “I wish to be within the infrastructure. i need to be the complete, rather than simply being the face.”

In April, Williams declared she was launching her own venture-capital firm.

Forbes reports that sixty per cent of Williams’ investments up to now have gone to firms LED by girls or individuals of color. (NAN)

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