Grant applications on Leprosy-related projects -Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF)


Type of project:

Leprosy-related comes centered on

1) malady Elimination;

2) Documenting leprosy;

3) Patient direction together with

a) institutional support,

b) project support;

c) south-south support;

d) ‘next generation’ support. every focus and sub-focus has its own country focus and budget envelope. See below for details.


Every focus space higher than includes a completely different country focus:

1) Nepal;

2) China, Malaysia, Romania; Philippines, Portuguese Republic and Spain;

3) numerous past recipient countries. .


candidates should be non-profit organisations and will embrace academic and analysis establishments.

Grant size:

1) malady Elimination – US$30,000 most per year;

2) Documenting infectious disease – US$30,000 most per year; three Patient direction

a) US$50,000 most per year; three.

b) US$25,000 most per year; three.

c) US$10,000 most per year; three.

d) US$10,000 most annually

Deadline: June 15th, 2019



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