Former President Olusegun Obasanjo falls apart with President Buhari


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that the President Buhari-led government is driving Nigeria towards “disaster and instability”.

Obasanjo said this in an exclusive interview with Premium Times at his Ibogun Olaogun ancestral range in Ifo regime space of Ogun State, last month.

The former president fell apart with Buhari before the 2019 general elections and supported the president’s nearest rival and his alienated vice chairman, Atiku Abubakar.

Speaking throughout the interview, Obasanjo noted that though the country has created considerable progress since the new dispensation began in 1999, the pace at that it’s presently moving shows the state could also be inching towards disaster and instability.

“I suppose we’ve got no alternative however to get on the trail for property development. The progress we are creating could also be questionable Is it quick enough? Is it steady enough? Is it stable enough? Are we taking 2 growth and one step back or one step side-way?

You can question that, however we’ve got no alternative but to get on (the) path for property development. the other issue are going to be a disaster. In fact, the pace at that we tend to are going now’s tending a lot of and more toward disaster and instability and unsustainability.

No Confidence within the Economy’ the previous president argued that there’s no confidence in the Nigerian economy nowadays. Rather, he said, the gains recorded within the past are frittered away over the years.

Speaking on what went wrong, the previous president explained that Nigeria didn’t do what’s right to instill confidence in domestic and foreign investors. The ripple result of the nation’s indecision, he said, manifests within the state of the economy. Nigeria slipped into recession in 2016 once many contractions within the economy, amidst an unstable Nigerian monetary unit and rising inflation rates. By the second quarter of 2017, the state slipped out of recession. though the govt claims that the state has been placed on the trail of property growth, state figures have additionally ballooned at intervals the amount.

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