How to prepare baked potato and Aubergines


Ingredients Of baked potato and Aubergines

200gm onions

200gm tomatoes,

3 Tbsp oil/ butter

200gm tiny aubergines –

2 Tbsp crushed garlic

1/2 Tbsp dried herbs

Ground black pepper

1 kilogram massive potatoes

20gm cheese


Wash and chop the tomatoes and set aside

Wash and slice the onions and set aside

Slice and fry the aubergine. In a bowl, mix garlic, herbs, seasoning and one Tbsp of oil or butter. Pour over the aubergine slices and blend well. Leave for some of minutes.

Cook onions in oil or butter, until soft and stir in tomatoes and seasoning. Cook until it becomes sauce-like. Keep aside.

In a gently oiled baking dish organize 1/4 of the tomato mixture.

Top with potato slices and a few of the aubergine mixture.

Continue layering, finishing with the pasta sauce.

Sprinkle with cheese and bake at two hundred degrees C for about forty minutes.

Serve hot.

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