When God is silent in times of trouble


Pst Nosa Chris always say that when you ask God for something, “He says YES, NO or WAIT”. God timing is not the same with our timing. But one thing I know for sure is that Gods time is the best.

Just imagine a scenario where as a christian, you ask God for a car at the peak of your youth and probable your motive is to use it and enjoy life with your friends, and God says wait until you are matured enough to own a car. Because at that time, you wont be thinking about cruising with your friends but would rather think about better things. And then a friend of your gets a car, won’t you feel disappointed?

Now this friend of yours gets an accident few months later and dies. Then few years later God answers your prayer and gives you a car, won’t you be grateful to God that he didn’t grant your request earlier?

When God says WAIT, it could be for one month, six months, one year or even twenty years. Now there’s nothing anyone can do to change Gods timing. All you have to do is to WAIT.

Imagine a scenario where your ten year old son comes to you and request for a car, would you buy him a car simply because he asked for it and you can afford it and you do not want him to be sad. Your guess is as good as mine. won’t you say to him, son you have to wait until you are old enough to own a car, then l’ ll get one for you. That’s the way it is with God.

Now when God says YES to your prayers, you see it manifest immediately, that’s when you see people give testimonies about what God did for them.

In the same vain, when God says No, his No is No and you cannot make him change that no matter how you pray and fast concerning that situation.

Imagine a scenario where you see your six months old baby crawling towards a hot iron which you have just finished using, and then you quickly get there and take the iron away, and then he starts crying, will you give him that hot iron simply because you want him to stop crying? you already know the answer to that, because you know that that he will cry more if the iron burns him, not only that, you will spend money to treat him and the scar may never leave. That’s the way it is with God, if we ask for something that he knows will destroy us in future, he will never give it to us no matter how we cry.

So we have to learn to understand God’s principles, whenever we ask God for something, we have to know if his response is a YES, NO or WAIT. That way we would not be angry with God whenever we ask him for something and he doesn’t answer.


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