I have to help a lot of niggas in jail – Naira Marley


Naira Marley has proclaimed his plans to assist a number of the individuals he met whereas he was in jail who cannot defend themselves.

The music star created this far-famed via his Instagram page on weekday, June 17, 2019. in line with him, these guys are in jail for years while not even progressing to the trial stage of their cases. He then visited say that despite the fact that he can’t change Nigeria alone, with a collective effort from everybody, it may be done.

“I ought to facilitate lots of ni**gas I met in jail. I met one guy, he has been in jail for nine years, ne’er been to the court, as in they haven’t even found him guilty. What if he’s not even guilty? I met another jigaboo in jail. Been in jail for over 2 years as a result of he was in a very relationship with one wealthy lady’s girl and therefore the woman barred him up for not exploit her daughter,” he wrote.

Since creating his bail conditions, he has been talking and writing lots as was common on social media however now around, from a distinct angle.

Days after Naira Marley was free from jail after perfecting his bail conditions, the singer has reached dead set yahoo boys. The singer has demanded some variety of compensations from yahoo boys spoken communication he visited jail attributable to them.

He said, “Those of you that are yahoo boys are owing me cash as a result of Am I a Yahoo Boy? No. I even have gone to jail attributable to them”.

Recall that on weekday, May 30, 2019, Naira Marley appeared before Justice Nicolas Oweibo of Federal supreme court, Lagos for his bail hearing and therefore the court granted him the bail on the conditions of; a N2,000,000 bond, and 2 sureties, one with a landed property and therefore the different, a official, not not up to A level ten officer.

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