Nnamdi Kanu and Omoyele Sowore swore to stop injustice in Nigeria.


Leader of the native individuals of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and Omoyele Sowore, founding father of Sahara Reporters and candidate of the African Action Congress within the 2019 general elections have met in big apple to strategize on what they describe as injustice in Nigeria.

Both men created their position legendary today in New York when a series of closed door conferences. in a Facebook live session to deal with the general public, Sowore said;

“We met to speak about things we’ve each been obsessed with however on a special plane and that we respect those boundaries but we’ve had terribly helpful conversations today in order that everyone that’s aspiring for a good and simply society will close and stand up currently and convey an finish to the sorrow and suffering and therefore the domination and the oppression that has become nearly synonymous with our generation and our genes in Nigeria.

Those of you out there who assume we’ve got huge variations which we have a tendency to can’t speak, apprehend that once individuals have revolutionary minds, these minds meet and bodies eventually meet.”

On his half, the IPOB leader hailed the meeting describing it as liberation for those cornered within the contrivance referred to as Nigeria.

Kanu said, “I met with my sensible friend Sowore and it’s yielded today a confirmation that individuals will close. There isn’t abundant of a distinction for what we have a tendency to are fighting for as a result of we are fighting for justice.

We know and hope that the those that found themselves today cornered in this contrivance referred to as Nigeria can in the future be free and it takes individuals to try to to it. I doubt it comes from heaven and that we need to bonk, we’ve got determined to try to to it and it should be done.”

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