You will be held accountable for the killing of Fulani herdsmen in the southern part – CNG warns Buhari


Members of the Coalition of Northern teams (CNG) yesterday said President Muhammadu Buhari would be held  accountable for the killing of Fulani herdsmen within the southern a part of the country.

CNG’s position is coming back barely twenty four hours when Buhari ordered Fulani to stay put within the southern a part of the country in defiance of CNG’s and therefore the professor. Ango Abdullahi-led Northern Elders Forum (NEF) directive on Fulani to come back to the North for the protection of their lives and property.

The CNG’s exponent, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, during a statement made yesterday, puzzled why it took the President Buhari-led administration this long to retort to the plight of the Fulani within the country.

The group, that applauded Buhari for his prompt response to assure Nigerians of government’s determination to supply adequate security to all citizens living in any a part of the country, said: “CNG wholeheartedly welcomes the peace of mind given by the President and his government to shield and guarantee the protection of all Nigerians anyplace they’re, as well as the vulnerable herdsmen within the South.

“We, however, want to inform the President and therefore the government that northerners would hold them absolutely accountable ought to anybody of the Fulani fall victim of the results of the issues we tend to raised.

“It is clear that the government’s initial silence throughout the recent weeks once numerous southern leaders and regional organisations were busy issue incendiary threats and vituperations against the Fulani and northerners living within the South smacked of discriminatory application of this vital constitutional provision.

“We, however, find it even additional deep and perturbing that the govt. unbroken mute and allowed this errant behaviour by some southern leaders and teams just for it to seek out its voice once vulnerable northerners were suggested to think about returning home to safety.”

Meanwhile, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State yesterday vowed to ascertain the placental settlement to examine herdsmen’s and community’s unrest.

Ganduje same the intent to line up plica colony in Kano was to form a natural atmosphere for the herdsmen to totally explore deposited resources.

The governor expressed this yesterday whereas inaugurating committees on RUGA settlement and internally-generated revenue (IGR) at the govt. House in Kano.

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