How to prepare Alibo



4 cups Cassava flour

1 cooking spoon palm oil

2 wraps ugba (fermented African Oil Bean seeds)

5 red ball pepper (blended)

Salt to taste

Bitter leaf

Spinach leaf

Okra leaf

Banana leaf


Wash all the leaves and set aside.

Take 1/3 of the okra leaves, cut into small sizes, put it in a mortar and pound with a pistol.

Pour the flour into the mortar and mix with the pounded okra leaves.

Take part of the bitter leaf and part of the spinach, turn the back of the leaf, little by little take the mixed flour lightly put it on the leaves one after the other, fold each one and put in a separate bowl.

Run the banana leaf through the fire for 10 seconds.

Take a part of it, take some of the flour that is folded in the leaves, put them into the banana leaves and tie with a rope. Continue the process until all the flour folded in the leaves has been tied.

Put in a pot and cook for 50 minutes.

Unwrap and cut into smaller pieces.

Cut the remaining part of the spinach and the okra leaves and set aside.

Note: Do not use too much of the bitterleaf if you do not want it very better.

Put a clean pot on the fire, add the cut okra leaf, add the cut spinach and a little water. Then add the sliced wrapped floor and Ugba and cook for 2 minutes.

Add palm oil, pepper and salt to taste.

Serve hot.


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