Blessings that come with answering God’s call


When God calls you, you must answer that call. You cannot run away and you can’t refuse. So many people who tried to run away suffered the consequences.

I for one have the call of God upon my life, although I didn’t refuse or tried to run away, I suffered for not answering the call when I started noticing the signs.

And that was because I didn’t know at first, then when I knew, I didn’t know what to do. It took great discipline from God to keep me on my toes.

I first noticed the signs when I was in secondary school. My dreams always came to pass, but I didn’t know what to make of it or what to do, it continued like that until I finished secondary school and entered the higher institution.

Then it graduated to always feeling very bad each time I committed a sin. I won’t have peace until I discontinued the act. And then I started having the urge to help poor people, but at the time, I had just finished my diploma program and was waiting for admission to further. So I tried to wave that off because I felt I didn’t have what it takes to help the poor.

But it continued, so I joined an organization in the church that used to assist poor people in their own little way. I can just go on and on, but the summary of it all is that along the line, I stopped doing those things that God wanted me to do, and I suffered greatly for it.

We all have the call of God in our lives, for some it’s to encourage people, pray for other people, helping the poor, reaching out to people, hospital and prison visitation, singing, ushering, etc

The bible says some are called to be teachers, evangelist, preachers, prophets, apostles. Ephesians 4:11.

Many people when told they have the call of God upon their lives would say, but am not a pastor, where do I start from. Some would say; I can’t preach to people, so how do I answer the call. You don’t have to be a Pastor to answer God’s call. And preaching to people is not the only way to answer God’s call.

They are so many ways to serve God, just find out the area you are being called. It could be healing, praying for people, or evening singing in the church.

After you have discovered the area which you have been called, the easiest place to start from is the church. If you are called to sing, join the choir, if you are called to pray, join the prayer group, if you are called to evangelize and you can’t do it on your own, join the evangelizing or outreach group. You can even do so on social media and so on.

Just have it at the back of your mind that you can’t run away from God. I have heard so many stories of people who tried to run away or refuse to answer God’s call and what happened to them. For some people, God had to take them through really tough times, for some sickness, for some hardship.

He would do something to you that would make you come running back. The people who escape it are those people who answered immediately.

Sometimes when I hear some people’s stories, it makes me laugh. It’s just so funny how God does it. The story of Jonah in the bible still makes me laugh.

My aunt had to suffer severe hardship. She said; The hardship was so severe that my family could barely feed. I owed debts here and there until God finally showed mercy, and today all of that is the thing of the past. All the people who use to mock me, now envy me.

The moment she retraced her steps, all of that became past tense. Today, she’s very happy. God has blessed her through her children. They are all doing very well.

The beautiful thing about answering God’s call is that you would have maximum peace, you would walk in good health, you would enjoy divine favor from God.

I am a living witness, before now, I never use to have favor. Nothing works for me. Every time it looks as if am stabilizing, everything I have worked for would crash and I would have to start all over again. It’s one problem or the other.

But now all of that has changed, God has been just too faithful, sometimes I don’t have to ask for him to do it. I don’t ask for favor anymore, it just comes. People are willing to help me. If I ask God for something and he doesn’t give me, I just thank him because I know it’s for my good. And it won’t take long for me to see the reasons why he didn’t do the thing I asked, and it always turns out to be for my good.

So if you are reading this post, and you
are called by God, and you are still dragging your feet, the earlier you make up your mind, the better for you. Because you cannot hide from God. But I assure you, you won’t regret it. It’s a beautiful experience and the God that I know would give you the grace. Just allow him to use you,  and you would be glad you did.

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