Contest to become Britain’s next prime minister


The balloting closes Monday within the contest to become Britain’s next prime minister, with Boris Johnson expected to be confirmed because the winner charged with delivering Brexit.

After a month-long contest between former London city manager Johnson and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the communicating votes of up to a hundred and sixty thousand grassroots Conservatives can decide the governing party’s next leader.

The balloting window slams shut at 5:00 pm (1600 GMT). The result would be proclaimed on Tuesday, with the winner like a shot changing into the new Conservative leader, the victor taking workplace as prime minister on wednesday.

Both candidates have had a rocky finish to the campaign.

Finance minister Duke of Edinburgh Hammond proclaimed Sunday that he would build some extent of resigning before Johnson became prime minister, voice communication he might never conform to his Brexit strategy.

Meanwhile, Hunt has had to take care of the fallout of Iran’s seizure of a British-flagged tanker within the Gulf.

In one in every of her final acts as prime minister, missionary could can chair a gathering of Britain’s COBR emergencies committee at around 10:30 am (0930 GMT).

“As well as receiving the most recent updates from ministers and officers, the COBR meeting can discuss the upkeep of the safety of shipping within the gulf,” a landscape architect Street representative said.

Hunt same parliament would be updated Monday on matters within the Gulf. The final announce votes are going to be delivered to Conservative headquarters in London on Monday morning. Any last remaining votes can have to be compelled to be delivered by hand or traveler.

An online poll of 1,199 members conducted weekday and Sabbatum by the Conservative Home web site place Johnson on seventy three p.c.

Bookmakers offer Hunt around a 1 in fifteen probability of winning.

The Conservatives command a razor-thin majority in parliament’s lower House of Commons and Johnson’s opponents — each inside and out of doors the party — are keen to scupper his leadership.

Johnson has vowed to require Great Britain out of the European Union on Oct 31st, with or without a divorce deal.

Opponents of Brexit, and particularly of a no-deal departure, are plotting moves against Johnson.

Some Conservatives, Hammond enclosed, have hinted they’re ready to bring down their own government instead of settle for going the EU while not an agreement.

Hammond has no illusions of remaining within the post beneath a Johnson berth and has same he can resign before being stirred on in a very reshuffle.

“I cannot settle for the concept of going with no deal on Oct 31st,” Hammond said.

Justice Secretary David Gauke conjointly said Sunday he would quit the govt. if Johnson became prime minister.

The Sunday Times newspaper reportable that up to 6 europhile Conservative MPs were considering defecting to the centrist, pro-EU Liberal Democrats ought to Johnson win — going him while not a Commons majority.

Hammond, could and Hunt are the sole 3 ministers who have unceasingly stayed within the cupboard since the Conservatives came back to workplace in 2010 beneath the then prime minister David Cameron.

May can answer queries in parliament as prime minister for the ultimate time at hour (1100 GMT) weekday before heading to Buckingham Palace to tender her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

The head of state can then invite the new Conservative leader to create an administration.

If Johnson wins the leadership contest, Hammond can resign between prime minister’s queries in parliament and will getting to see the sovereign.

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