Mistaking fashion for trends


Many a times we mistake fashion for trends. So many people know what is trending, but they don’t know fashion. When something is trending, you see so many people wearing it at the same time and after some time it fades away.


But fashion does not fade away, and that is one of the advantage that fashion has over trends. Another advantage is that it saves cost, because trendy wears don’t last longer than one year.


When something is trending, if you do not join the trend, it looks like you are not a fashionable person. But the irony of it all is that when it fades away and you wear them afterward, people would look at you as old fashioned. So because you do not want to look awkward, you would be forced to to dump it and buy another one.



Fashionable people most times do not follow trends and people who follow trends most times are not fashionable.

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