Older or younger person which is preferable in a relationship


They have been this questions about dating a much older person and a much younger person which is preferable.

Well, I think it’s a choice that we all have to make depending on what we want. Some people prefer a much older person, and some prefer a much younger person, while some people don’t even know what they want. Today they will tell you they like older people, and when something goes wrong, they will tell you they prefer a younger person.

I always tell people that age is just a number, so the most important thing to consider is maturity. Some older people are not matured, they still behave and think like children. While, some much younger persons behave very matured. My aunt’s son who is just about 20 years old, always behaves like a 35 years old man. Both his looks and the way he talks, if you are to guess his age, you will never think he’s not even up to 25 years. My mum visited them once and while we were talking about him and I told her that my younger brother who is about 22 years old was older, she didn’t believe because of how matured the guy is.

Although in the actual sense, it’s better to date a far older person, because they are believed to have seen life, are more understanding and can guide you in some areas based on experience.

But I would rather date a younger person who is very matured than to date an older person who still behaves like a child.

So unless you have your reservations as for who to go for, it’s safer to go for a much more matured person.

Different people have different reasons for the choices they make. Some take decisions based on their past experiences. Someone once told me it’s better to go for a younger person, because she was once married to a much older man who made her go through hell. Eventually the relationship couldn’t stand the test of time, because she could no longer bear the torture and had to run away.

But some people will tell you, older people are better maybe because they have had bad experiences with younger people. This things are nether here nor they. That is why I said it’s better to go for maturity than to go for age.

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