Knowing how to combine colours in fashion


So many people claim they know fashion, but they know how to combine colours. As far as am concerned, if you do not know how to combine colours in fashion then you do not know fashion

Fashion is not about wearing designer clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, belts etc. It’s not even by wearing the most expensive clothes. It’s about knowing how to wear them.

Some colours are loud while others are dull. It’s always better to combine loud colours with dull ones.

When women combine colours most times, people do not raise eyebrows, but a man cannot just wear any colour or combine colours anyhow. When you wear clothes with many colours, always ensure to wear a marching colour. Or you can just simply wear a neutral colour like black, brown or white. These colours can march with any colour.

Just imagine that a man wears a green shirt on a yellow pair of trousers and a red tie, a blue pair of shoes and a brown belt. For men, your belt must always be the same colour with your shoes. So if you wear a black pair of shoes, your belt must be black etc.

They are colours suitable for men, men do not just wear any colour of clothes. You have to find out colours that are suitable for men.

Men shouldn’t wear loud colours, most especially men’s trousers shouldn’t be too loud. It’s awkward to see a man wearing a green, yellow, pink, lilac etc colour of trousers. It’s always better to wear colours that are not too loud.


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