See smart eye glasses that works like smart phones


Vue is the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are nearly indistinguishable from a typical pair of glasses. They look more like normal glasses than other smart glasses.

The Vue smart Glasses is fitted with prescription lenses, clear lenses, or tinted/transition lenses for eyeglasses and appearance like normal glasses. Vue glasses conjointly don’t take photos or have integrated cameras, but will provide you with the time of day and permit you to listen to prompts from navigation apps.

The battery within the glasses is nice for up to seven days on standby and therefore the battery charges wirelessly. Lens choices can embody prescription, progressive lenses, photochromic transition lenses, polarized lenses, and prescription polarized lenses.

Packed within the Vue frames is kind of a small amount of technology — bone conductivity pads which will enable you to select up a telephone call, a tiny LED light for notifications, a microphone, a battery, associated an measuring device for step tracking. If you’d wish to devour a telephone call, you’ll be able to faucet the touchscreen designed into the glasses’ arm, and therefore the hidden bone conductivity speakers can enable you to be able to speak on the phone without fitting a pair of earbuds.

According to Zhang and Rowley, the primary Vue glasses, which is able to begin to ship in July 2017, are solely the start of this idea. In future, they say, the glasses can be a platform for brand spanking new increased reality optics, cameras, and alternative cool technologies that are presently missing from the glasses within the aim of simplicity.

The operating prototypes I saw were 3D written, however the Vue glasses which will depart to customers next year are going to be created in volume at a manufacturing plant.

They are available in 2 designs, 3 colours, and a number of alternative personal choices. Vue’s frames will assist you reach your fitness goals by following your activity throughout the day. Vue makes lovely, discreet sensible glasses. Our glasses are nearly indistinguishable from traditional eyewear, simply the manner sensible glasses ought to be.

According to the Vue smart Glasses, they are distinctive to function as normal glasses at a basic level. If eyeglasses are more your vogue, you’ll be able to grab a try with tinted lenses also. simply sensible luck explaining why you continue to have them on within the evening. initial and foremost, they operate as headphones that don’t truly cowl your ears, however are still solely detected by you. this can be nice if you wish to concentrate to music or take GPS directions whereas biking or navigating serious traffic.

This enables you to conjointly take calls with them and skip tracks once you’re taking note of music. For all the fitness nerds out there, the glasses also can track your activity and set health reminders. The battery on these glasses lasts a couple of week if you sometimes pop them into the charging case they are available with.

If you would like, extra charging cases is purchased for $59. you’ll be able to conjointly get your own Vue T-shirt for under $29. (Ironically, the foremost expensive item within the store.) but it will have some competition, that is documented conjointly within the comments of Vue’s Kickstarter page. After all they need the additional benefit of being a product that truly exists.

Of course like something that individuals sink tons of cash into, solely to urge nothing back, Vue has been obtaining tons of sad backers in their comments. Some are creating note however Vue is currently, in 2019, turning into less of a novelty item and saying the cheaper competitors, like Bose, who are showing on the market. but tons of backers have detected that the updates fail to administer concrete time frames for all the world final. Sadly this doesn’t offer the peace of mind to those who endowed massive sums of cash into this product.

According to their crowdfunding page, once Vue began planning their smart glasses they started in an exceedingly completely different place than all alternative smart glasses makers – with the glasses themselves. Vue smart Glasses are meant to truly be the glasses you wear for your everyday activities, initial and foremost, that is why you’ll be able to have them set together with your own personal prescription or as eyeglasses. the web site guarantees that they’ll offer individuals the prospect to concentrate to music, make calls, hear GPS navigation, track activity, gesture management, report time, and more

Vue sensible Glasses depends on bone conductivity technology, that permits individuals to listen to audio whereas still having the ability to hear the environment they’re in. Though it’s unclear if this company can honor refunds at this point or once the merchandise ships, customers who are willing to require an opportunity on pre-ordering

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