How to prepare fresh corn pottage with vegetables


I always like trying out new things, so sometime last year I travelled to the village to see my mum and it was during

the corn period when corn is usually very cheap. I like eating fresh corn a lot, during the corn season, no day

passed by without me buying corn. So in my quest to try out something new as usual, the idea of fresh corn with

vegetables came to my mind and I decided to try it out. Here is how to prepare it.

Ingredients :

10 cobs of fresh corn

Palm oil


1 cube of Maggi

3 red fresh pepper (blended)

Crayfish ( blended)

1 ball of onions (sliced)

Salt to taste


Wash the corn in a fresh clean water.

Remove the corn seed from its cob.

Wash and cut the vegetables.

Put a little quantity of water in a clean pot, pour the corn seeds into it.

Add, seasoning (Maggi), onions, blended pepper and crayfish, palm oil and salt to taste.

Allow to cook for 40 minutes.

Finally add the vegetables and allow for 40 seconds.

Serve hot.

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