Evidence linking former president of Gambia (Yahya Jammeh) to killings in Gambians


Baba Hydara was in his automotive, being attentive to the radio when he detected a former murderer of president Yahya Jammeh in cold blood describe however his father was dead.

Baba’s father, Deyda Hydara, co-founder of the purpose newspaper and AFP’s correspondent in The Gambia for thirty years, was revered among journalists during this tiny west African nation.

Baba Hydara, 42, has fought for years for his father’s murderers and people who ordered them to be delivered to book.

The iron-fisted ruler, aged fifty four, flew to Equatorial Guinea once being forced call at 2017 following an election defeat.

His accessory is giving testimony to a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) tasked with shedding light-weight on one in all the grimmest episodes in West African history.

Like the post-apartheid truth commission in South Africa that it emulates, the panel is absorbing the general public with its graphic proof.

“It brought back recollections, one thing we’ve been through like virtually fifteen years past — it had been terribly laborious for the full family,” Baba Hydara told AFP, describing his feelings as he listened to the testimony of 1 of the killers, Malick Jatta.

As a member of the “Junglers”, as Jammeh’s squad was known as, Jatta admitted to being a member of a team that riddled Deyda Hydara with bullets on the evening of December sixteen, 2004.

“How it had been planned, however he explained it, it’s like they did their prep. They studied. They extremely did analysis on however and wherever to hit him… it had been very planned,” Baba Hydara aforementioned.

Jammeh dominated Gambia, a little state that saves for its lineation is entirely encircled by Senegal, once taking power in a very bloodless coup in July 1994.

He was repeatedly re-elected in controversial circumstances till he was defeated in December 2016 by a relative unknown, Adama Barrow.

After a six-week-long crisis that crystal rectifier to military intervention by alternative West African states, Jammeh locked from the country.

Human rights activists have suspect his regime of the systematic torture of opponents and journalists, executions while not trial, discretionary detentions, forced disappearances and rape.

The TRRC hearings, that began in January, are expected to take 2 years.

At the end, the body will create recommendations with relation to prosecution or reparation however cannot itself issue any sentences.

The ugly revelations seem to own jolted the religion of the many of Jammeh’s supporters.

“We have continuously boasted that Yahya Jammeh reworked this country by building faculties, roads and hospitals,” aforementioned Marie Mendy, a stallholder.

“The confessions by the ‘Junglers’ last week have shown that the evil Jammeh did during this country outweighs the nice work he did for the folks,” she said.

A street merchandiser, Mariama Manga, aforementioned she was “shocked” once, in one in all the televised hearings, she saw a sergeant, Omar Jallow, confessing to participating in the execution of forty eight folks on Jammeh’s orders.

“I regretted vote for Jammeh in past presidential elections,” she said.

“Our team was a success squad for Yahya Jammeh. we had blind loyalty for Yahya Jammeh,” aforementioned a former “Jungler,” Amadou Badjie.

They alleged the previous president ordered 2 US-Gambians suspected of plotting a coup to be “cut up in pieces”.

They additionally aforementioned he ordered the killing of each his former army chief, Ndure Cham, and a loved one, Haruna Jammeh.

Former troopers, presently in custody, have additionally suspect Jammeh of the murder of around fifty migrants rounded au courant a beach as they were making an attempt to create their thanks to Europe, however were taken for rebels.

In his testimony to the commission, the pinnacle of The Gambia’s Press Union, Saikou Jammeh, additionally represented however media homes were coerced and closed down, and journalists raped by former regime agents.

A hundred and forty journalists were inactive and fifteen media shops stop working, he said.

A former deputy chief of employees, national capital Sabally, represented how he was tortured and the way former interior minister Saddibou Hydara died of injuries in his arms.

“Now we’ve got evidence linking (Yahya Jammeh) to killing Gambians. This may be the idea of at one time charging him and maybe requesting his surrender,” aforementioned Salieu Afrikaans, the pinnacle of the Gambian Bar Association.

President Adama Barrow has aforementioned he can wait till the TRRC has completed its work before selecting a potential surrender request.

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