What keeps a man in a relationship, not sex? Find out


Some people say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while some say it is through sex. I have also met people who said all they need is a woman who can listen. And then you meet another group of men who will tell you they like women who are intelligent. Different strokes for different folks.

Now the question is, what really keeps a man.

Well I do not belong to the school of thoughts that says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or through sex. Because I have seen many girls who can cook great meals, but complain about being dumped. I have also seen people who are into sex relationship which also didn’t end in marriage and it wasn’t because the lady wasn’t good in bed or something. It’s either the lady has an attitude problem or she is disrespectful or she’s dumb etc.

Every matured man wants a woman who is intelligent, respectful and pays attention. Food and sex are secondary. Some men will tell you a woman who is intelligent, respectful and pays attention can always learn how to cook and have sex, but a woman who knows how to cook and have sex, and is disrespectful and doesn’t pay attention is
difficult to teach.

Another thing men look out for is how neat and organise a woman is. You need to enter some ladies house, you can’t stay there for 5 minutes, everywhere is scattered and dirty. They can’t even take proper care of themselves, from their armpits to their nails. They can’t even shave their armpits. Such things can put a man off. Unless the man really likes you, he can’t stay.

I hear some ladies complain that I slept with my boyfriends and he dumped me. The truth is that sex doesn’t keep a man in a relationship, a man can always buy sex anytime any day.

And then you hear some other ladies who complain that their boyfriends dumped them because they refused to sleep with them. Now the ones who had sex are complaining, the ones who didn’t have sex are also complaining so what then is the problem? We have 24 hours in a day, when you are with the man what do you guys talk about? Are you able to make sound contributions? If he’s thinking about a business, can you actually brain storm with him? Can you help him in any other way outside kissing, hugging and having sex? Are you sound, spiritually, mentally, intellectually, physically. What do you have to offer? There are other things a man wants in a woman aside sex. As a woman, you need to build yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, intellectually.

Men like intelligent women, they like women who think and have ideas, they like women who respect them. Do you even have respect for a man? Is your life about buying things? Some ladies if they ask you the Governor of your state, you don’t even know. Make yourself so strong and so well built that a man would be afraid to loose you. Even if he chooses to leave you, he’s gonna come back to you because there’s something you have to offer. What they want is beauty and brain. You can meet a man who meets you today and sleeps with you and you become his friend for life, you can also meet a man who stays with you for 1 year without sleeping with you, and he eventually sleeps with you and still leaves. This things are neither here nor there.

The only thing the girls of today know how to do is to make up and deceive themselves that they are slay queens. Your make up has to start from the inside, because the internal make up is what sustains the external.

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