Four things to make you rich

Once upon a time, a little boy was playing and caught a bird. He told himself that he was going to keep the bird. The bird started pleading with the boy to let him go, but the boy won’t hear of it.

So the bird struck a deal with the boy, it said to the boy, let me tell you four things to make you rich. The boy said ok go ahead, then the bird went on:

1. When Someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think. The boy said ok, go on.

2. Always keep what you have.

3. Never cry for what you cannot have.

“Am sure you are disappointed right now because you were expecting me to tell you how you can make real cash. Lol. But no matter how disappointed you are, make sure you read to the end, you just might find something really interesting”.

So the bird said to the boy, if you let me fly to the tree, I will tell you the fourth thing. And without thinking, he let the bird go. And he asked the bird to tell him the fourth thing. Then the bird said;

4. Inside me, there’s gold as big as your hand. Then the boy started crying.

Now what is the lesson of this story; many of us are like the little boy in our story. The boy wasn’t paying attention to bird, if he was, he wouldn’t  let the bird go, because the bird said “Always keep what you have.

And then the boy wouldn’t have cried when the bird said to him  ” I have gold as big as your hand inside me ” because rule 3 says “Don’t. Cry for what you can’t have”. The bird is gone and would never return to the boy.

And besides, the boy wasn’t even thinking, now how can a gold as big as the boy’s hand be inside the bird when the bird itself is not as big as the boy’s hand. That should have told the boy that the bird was lying.

When someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think, the “Someone” in our contest includes you. You always have to pay attention because everything speaks including your environment. Most times, when someone or something speaks to us, we don’t think, we just act and regret later.

Always keep what you have. Some people would say, but I always keep what I have. The sentence here doesn’t necessarily mean something physical, it could be an advice that was given to you, or something very important that was said somewhere. Somethings that people say to us, a times help us in future. A friend of mine use to always say ” you can’t give what you don’t have “. If you were supposed to learn something, and after the lesson, you don’t keep the knowledge, in future you would not have it to give.

For instance, you are asked to learn a skill which is supposed to help you in future, when you are through with the lesson, keeping it simply means constant practice so as not to forget, because if you forget that means you didn’t keep what you had.

Finally, we must never cry for what we can not have. A man or woman leaves you and marries another person, and you are still crying, he or she now belongs to someone else now and would never come back to you again, so why are you still crying? Just wipe you tears and move on. It’s difficult yes, but crying would obviously not solve the problem.

Or you loose a loved one, yes it natural to always cry every time you remember the person, but the truth is, crying would never bring the person back to life. So you have to brace up and move on.

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