Wear my shoes first before you talk about it


We often judge people’s actions without really knowing the reason behind their actions. If we would close out mouth, and look closely, we will discover how wrong our judgements are most times.

Circumstances and conditions of life makes people act the way they do most times.

We see a lady in her late forties and still not married the first thing that comes to our mind is she was so selective towards her suitors and now she’s still single. Or she has bad character, or attitude problems that’s why she’s still single.

We talk most times before we think. What if the lady has been having marriage disappointments, what if no man has ever approached her. Or don’t you know that there are ladies out there whom no man has ever approached?

Or you see a woman who has been married for 5 to 10 years without a child, you just jump into conclusion that she has aborted all the children in her womb. Without first finding out the cause of her barrenness.

What if the fault is from her husband. I know of a family, all the women who marry into that family are never able to have children, now people say their father is an occultic man, so he sacrificed his grand children and that is why he’s children can’t have their own children.

Just imagine a lady gets married into such family, and for so many years she can’t have children and then without first finding out why, you open your mouth and start saying things that are not true. Just imagine how stupid you would look when you eventually find out the truth.

Africa is very bad, a lot of things happen, people are evil, anything is possible.

John 7:24 says ” judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement ”

A righteous judgement is simply a right formation of opinion. Forming a right opinion requires that you hear from both parties or protect the absent party until you hear directly from him or her.

Who or what situation are you about commenting on? How well do you know the person? Have you been in that person’s shoes before? Do not comment on a matter if you have not made your findings, and if your comments will not help the situation, don’t talk about it.

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