How to make Achicha from cocoyam


Achicha and red beans popularly known as fiofio is one of the delicious meals eaten by the Igbos. Achicha is made from cocoyam. Now they are different species of cocoyam. But there’s a particular species used to make it. The specie of cocoyam used to make achicha is the one the Igbos use to cook soup.

How to make it:

Get some cocoyam, wash and boil till it becomes red.

Pill off the back, slice into smaller piece and dry until it’s very dry.


Note: this process is better done during the dry season as it’s requires a lot of sun to make it dry.

When it’s dry, pack it into a container. You can now take any quantity you want, anytime
you want and prepare it with red beans (fiofio).

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