The easiest way to make money through Agriculture


Before crude oil was discovered in Nigeria, Agriculture was what Nigerians used to survive on. Then after crude oil was discovered, the government abandoned agriculture for crude oil. People started seeing farming as an occupation for only poor people.

Even in schools, anybody offering agriculture as a course was seen as someone who was destined to be poor for life.

Today crude oil has failed, people have started running back to agriculture. Although some people still find it difficult to accept that we cannot do without farming. They still make excuses as to why they can’t go into farming. I don’t have what it takes to farm, I don’t have money to buy lands, I don’t this, I don’t that.

Well I have good news for you. Someone has come up with the idea of planting fruits inside a bucket. You don’t need plots or acres of land to start. All you need is a bucket of sand and you can start enjoying your fruits after some months.

Another good news is that you can put them in your varender or balcony just the way you put flowers around you house. It can also serve as flower.

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