The rich also cry, don’t envy them


When I was growing up, there was this popular soap opera titled the “Rich also cry” pondering over it now, I realised that the rich still cries even more than the poor.

The other day, my cousin told me a story about a woman who cried out on social media seeking for solution to her problem. She said, she has been married for over 8 years without a child. She and her husband had gone for test several times but their test results were always negative which was an indication that they were perfectly okay.

So she had to seek for solutions with a pastor who told her that her husband was the cause of their problems. She said;

whenever I make love to my husband during my menstrual cycle, he always licks my menses, at first I thought it was because he loved me so much. Then when I started seeking for solutions to my problems, a friend of mine
introduced me to a pastor who told me that my husband was the cause of our problems.

That my husband used our unborn babies for money rituals, that’s why we can’t and will never be able to make babies as long as he keeps licking my menses. I was so mad at my husband, and so that month I refused to allow him lick my menses.

My husband became so ill as a result of that and almost died. He was rushed to the hospital and was placed on medication, but instead his condition got worse. So on one occasion, after the doctor finished checking him, he asked the doctor to excuse us, after the doctor left, he confessed and told me how he uses my menses for rituals and that is the reason why we can’t have babies, and pleaded with me to allow him lick my menses as usual, as that is what will make him get well, so no amount of drugs can cure him. And that if he dies, as a result of that, I too will die after one week. And so I had to allow him lick my menses, and true to his words, he became well after that and was discharged.

Never envy rich people, they too also cry. In fact, they even cry more than the poor. The major problems poor people have is that they can’t afford certain things. But at least they have peace and have sound sleep at night.

I am not saying that it’s bad to be rich, it’s only bad if you make the money through the  wrong means.

Some weeks ago, the video of a young guy who barked like a dog till he died went viral on social media. The young man was into yahoo plus so nemesis caught up with him, and he didn’t live long to enjoy the monies.

Some of these rich people you see envy poor people. If they tell you what they are passing through, you will pity them. Some of them are seriously regretting their actions, they wish they could turn back the hands of time. But it’s already too late. There’s an adage that says the evil you do leave after you. But this days, it lives with you and after you.

So my advice to young people is that they should be patient, and take things easy, everybody wants to hammer but nobody wants to make the sacrifices that comes with riches which is patience and hard work.

Just keep at whatever it is that you are doing, and God will surely bless you one day. The bible says, despise not the days of your little beginnings. God says he will bless the works of our hands.

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