Thinkers and producers needed


The globe is divided into blocks. First world countries, second world and third world countries.

African countries are the occupants of the bloc called the third world countries. This is an aberration, considering the fact that over 50% of the world’s natural resources is embedded in the continent.

Most of the developed and developing countries that are fast emerging as best economies got their resources from Africa.

But it beats me how the world’s poorest people and countries are found in Africa. The reason is not far fetched. While the rest of the world have people who are thinkers and producers, Africa is infested with consumers and people who seem to have put their brains to sleep.

Years back, a group of businessmen from Malaysia came to Nigeria and studied our oil palm industry, which was the biggest and best in the world at the time. They took some of our seedlings to their country. Today, while Malaysia is the largest producer of oil palm, Nigeria’s once thriving industry has gone moribund. The Malaysians spent their thinking of better ways of refining palm oil while the Nigerians failed to develop on what they had in
palm as a result of the booming crude oil industry.

Africa has talented people but laziness has eaten away their ability to dream and bring the dreams into fruition. Nigeria for instance is the fourth largest producers of crude oil with other numerous natural resources, one would expect that the country will be amongst the world powers. But the spirit of consumption has gotten a hold on them.

Most unfortunately is the dearth of thinkers amongst the youth of the country. When a new product like a phone, laptop or any electronic device is released into the market, the way youths drool over them makes anyone that is production conscious feel really ashamed of countrymen. It beats ones imagination that they would not even stop to consider the fact that these products are a result of positive thinking and diligent effort of a young fellow in a
faraway country.

The question is do the producers of these products have extra brains? Of course not. They simply utilise the production capacity side of their brain while for others like some in Africa, accept any product that is thrown at them. The richest men and women in the world are all thinkers and producers. So if you do not want to be under the influence of others, start producing, and adding value to others.

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