The way you dress has a lot to say about your personality


The term fashion generally means a style that is popular at a particular time, especially in terms of clothes, hair, make -up etc. But I would like to define fashion as making the ordinary appear sophisticated. I have discovered that most times, it’s not the amount of money a particular dress, shoes, belt or even make – up cost that gives the person wearing it a good appearance or a sophisticated look. Rather, it’s how the dress or whatever else is worn and how the person carries him or herself.

I can wear a quite affordable dress and shoe and still look really sophisticated while another person may wear a very expensive dress and shoe and look very bland and ordinary. It mostly depends on our confidence in what we wear and how we look.

The way you dress as a single has a lot to say about your personality. You can attract or detract people with the way you dress.

The world today is crazy about fashion and singles want to be in the fore. But one thing most people do not know is that you need not wear what’s in vogue to look fashionable! And you do not have to wear something because someone you admire wore it. It could look good and attractive because it’s appropriate for the person’s figure and may not be on you. It’s always advice able to test a dress before the day you would like to wear it.

This will enable you know how good it looks on you, that is dress up like you are going for an event before the day of the event you plan to attend. This will help you eliminate what won’t fit and add what might be necessary.

A young lady should learn how to use shoes with heels! At least low heels. This is because some dresses just won’t look good on flat shoes. Stay away from loud make – overs, blushes are good, but there are not meant for everyone. This is because facial structures differ. Low waist pants are not for decent appearances.

Tips on what not to wear

Never wear slippers on tucked in shirt and trousers.

Never wear a flat soled shoe or slippers on a dinner gown or a dress.

Never wear a Gladiator shoe or sandals on a native skirt or gown

Checker shirt or trouser are better worn separately

Your tie and shirt colour do not always have to match. Just be sure not to use a red tie on a yellow shirt, or striped tie on a striped shirt. Or striped shirt on a striped trouser. Belt belts are not for everybody. Be sure not to look awkward and uncomfortable if you must wear one.

Always remember that there’s beauty in simplicity.

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