What is true love!


In our world today, the word love is one of the most sought after experience that people yarn for and would do anything to have because it addresses the human needs for companionship and intimacy as a matter of fact, the creator has put that substance in every being he made out of his image so no matter how die hard, brutal or callous a
person is, you just show him love, and it will turn him into complete opposite.

Unfortunately, many humans have rejected true love in the person of christ Jesus and that’s because they have not come to understand what true love really means and have been blinded by lust, which is complete opposite, this has eaten deep into the fabrics of many relationships.

True love is a spiritual force that originates from the creator himself ( 1 John 4:7-8). It is the manifestation of the inherent nature of God through the human spirit. Love is a decision that is made from the heart, committing to meeting the need of another for life.

True love is kind, love is happy with the truth, it takes everything that comes without giving up, it never comes to an end. No man can genuinely love another except he has the life of christ established in him.

Everyone wants to be happy in finding the one special person that could turn their world into a paradise, but many have allowed the world system to influence their knowledge of what love should be in a relationship, rather than depending completely on God’s word. (James 1:28) Because He alone knows what’s best for us and wants us to be happy, not just for a while as the world’s system describes, but for a life time as his principles and statutes teach.

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