Your selling price is priceless


Jack pennant was on board an air plane heading to Hawaii from London. He was flying the business class and sitting next to him was a pretty blonde lady. They both had several eye contacts without saying a word to each other. Jack finally summoned the courage to express his lustful proclivity as he leaned towards and whispered these words
to her, ” Do you mind having sex with me one night for a million Dollars? ” Immediately she learned backwards and looked at him aghast, then she stuttered ” are you kidding me?” Jack replied with a somewhat affectionate voice ” I have never been this serious all my life”. Then he starred eagerly at her awaiting her reply. She rolled her eyes a few
times and replied uhhm ok, fine! ” ” so when and where? ” she inquired of him and they both agreed on a rendezvous point, a hotel in Hawaii.

Hours later, the Air hostess announced that the flight will be descending in 5 minutes. Jack fastened his seat belt and looked to the pretty blonde lady beside him again and asked ” How about paying you 10 dollars to have sex with me for a night?” she leaned back swiftly and looked at him in disdain, she obviously was exasperated by his request.
This time she replied sharply, ” What do you think I am?” He smiled and replied her cynically, as to what you are, that is already established, it is just your selling price we are negotiating.

She was furious because she has just been pieced with a bitter truth. She turned her face away, and recapitulated his words in her thoughts.

As the plane landed, without saying a word to Jack, she hurriedly alighted from the plane feeling disappointed in herself.

Many Christians claim to hold certain values in high esteem, they brag about their ability not to compromise, but in the true sense of it, the only reason why they haven’t let down their values is because they haven’t been offered a good enough price.

It’s often said, “Everyone has a price” This is a deep truth that many do not understand. Due to this lack of understanding a lot of Christian folks have made themselves under-valued goods and hence they sell off for offers that do come close to matching their true worth. So like the pretty blonde lady in our story they think they have great worth because they reject cheap material offers and accept the higher bids.

Sadly, the bitter truth is, you are no slut because you gave in cheaply, you are one if you give in at all.

What really is your selling price? If your selling price lies in the things of this world, then am afraid you do not know the value of your salvation.

We have been bought with a greater price and there’s absolutely nothing that would be offered us as Christians that is more valuable than the blood of Jesus Christ. No offer even a trillion dollars is worth our compromise ; our selling price is simply priceless. The selling price of a christian is the blood of Jesus. His blood is priceless, no one can offer it. That is the reason why Christians should never compromise on any matter.

Friends, you have been bought with a price, your worth is invaluable and your selling  price is priceless.

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