See five kind of guys women run away from

  1. Dirty guys

First impression they say matters a lot. I visited a guy some years back, and when I entered his kitchen, the dirty plates that greeted me has been there for over two weeks.

My God! How disgusting. As if that was not enough, when I entered the bed room, I got the worst shock. The bathroom and toilet happens to be inside the room, men it’s really not something to talk about.

Men always deceive themselves that they are scarce and so women will always be there. True, women will always be there, but the question is will the one you truly like agree to stay with you after seeing how dirty, scattered and disorganised you are?

Being dirty and disorganised is one thing, having the willingness to change is another thing. It’s only a dirty woman who will want to stay with a dirty guy.

You see some guys are very handsome, but the hairs on their armpits are so grown that you can actually fix a Weavon there. So no neat woman would want to stay with a dirty guy.

  1. Nagging guys

Some guys can nag for the world. They are just too difficult to please. You never do anything right around them. Just the way men do not like nagging women, women also do not like nagging men.

Men who nag never see anything wrong in what they do, they are always right in their own eyes. They always like to compare women around them with other women whom they feel are better.

But they don’t like it when you do the same to them. Even them don’t like women who nag. They always like the women to be quiet while they pour out the venom in them. Women run away from such men.

  1. Selfish Men

Some men are very selfish, all they think about is themselves. As long as they are comfortable every other person can go to hell.

A lady was complaining about her husband, she said her husband is so selfish that one time, she served him food and the food was not enough for him, he went and ate the food that was reserved for their 1 year old baby, and that was the only food left in the house.

When he was asked why, he said the man of the house has to eat first before the children can eat. Can you imagine that! That is selfishness of the highest grade.

  1. Stingy guys

The difference between a selfish guy and a stingy guy is that, selfish guys are not stingy to themselves. They may be stingy to other people, but they are never stingy to themselves.

But stingy guys are even stingy to themselves. They won’t buy for you and they will not buy for themselves. Women run away from such guys.

Women would prefer that a guy is poor and generous than a guy who is rich and stingy. If a guy is rich and women flock around him because of his wealth, the moment they realise that he is stingy, they will all run away.

  1. Guys with body or mouth odour.

Body or mouth odour can be very offensive and nobody likes it. I understand that some people where born that way, so they have no control over it. But it can be managed.

They are ways to reduce the odour. Like bathing regularly, use deodorant always, use body spray and perfumes always.

Note: do not use strong perfumes with offensive fragrance. Some perfumes have offensive smell, so if someone with body odour uses such perfumes, it could worsens the situation and make the people around them feel really bad.

Brush regularly to reduce the mouth odour. They are gums made for people with mouth odour, chew them regularly it helps, and they are not like the usual chewing gums so they are not harmful.


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