Cristiano Ronaldo finally admits to paying $375,000 in a settlement for a sexual assault allegations


Cristiano Ronaldo has finally admitted to paying $375,000 in settlement and confidentially agreement after sexual assault allegations stemming from a 2009 incident in metropolis, consistent with CNN.

Former model Kathryn Mayorga accused Ronaldo of raping her in a suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas in 2009. Ronaldo insisted that they had accordant sex, although Mayorga said that the Juventus star “forced himself on her and penetrated her vagina while she begged him to prevent.”

The two settled out of court in 2010, after Ronaldo paid her $375,000 in the settlement and confidentiality agreement. However, Ronaldo has long denied that he paid her the money when reports of the settlement surfaced in 2017.

Mayorga then went public last August, trying to void that settlement and have the case reopened, which the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department did. But they might not prove the allegations on the far side an inexpensive doubt and closed the case once more last month.

She filed a suit against Ronaldo last year in Clark County District Court, and so stirred it to the federal level when Ronaldo tried troublesome to serve since he lived abroad. The suit alleged battery, abuse, defamation, negligence and 7 different claims, consistent with Sports Illustrated.

Ronaldo filed a motion on Friday in a shot to dismiss that proceeding, that is wherever the 34-year-old and his legal team finally admitted to the payment.

“The (agreement) created clear Mr. Ronaldo controversial (Mayorga’s) allegations and in no approach conceded she was contused,” the motion browse, via CNN. “To the contrary, the (agreement) explicit in no unsure terms that Mr. Ronaldo was agreeing to pay (Mayorga) a total of cash so as to take care of the confidentiality of their dispute.”

According to CNN, the motion argues that Nevada’s statute of limitations and therefore the original confidentially agreement void Mayorga’s latest claims in her new proceeding, which she didn’t give proof proving that she lacked the mentality to conform to the terms of the agreement in 2010.

In her proceeding, Mayorga claims that she believed Ronaldo’s representatives were trying to compensate her for her injuries which his team was “attempting to impede a criminal investigation and erode” her quality, per CNN. Ronaldo’s motion, however, suspect her of failing to produce details for alleged threats and misrepresentations created against her or who made them.

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