Developing relationships intended for marriage


Relationships are part of our daily life. People get involved in them and sometimes get helpless, when really they do not know what they are involved in. Relationships should not be attached to marital tendencies alone. They have basic rules that keep them going.

It is important to note that people must get it right and marry for the right purpose. Often people get married for the wrong reasons. Some say they got married because they fell in love which can sometimes be an outrageous reason for marriage. What if you fell in love with someone whose blood genotype is not compatible with yours, or with someone who doesn’t have similar values of life with you. Or with someone who abuses you all the time. Can you cope despite being in love?

Women are sensitive beings, they can sense your intentions miles away. For some, getting into a relationship when approached is normal, while others may feel the need to know you better before accepting your proposal. Women want to have a friend they can truly depend on that is why friendship in relationships is more important than just being in a relationship.

Men should develop friendship with the women they truly desire to be with. Emotions and feelings should not erode a relationship or blind the intention of developing a good and healthy relationship.

A man should should show care and concern and best of all communicate at all times with his friend. Communication is very important in a relationship. So many broken relationships is as a result of lack of communication.

A lot of questions are asked as to how to know the will of God in marriage. God has plan for your life and marriage is not exclusive. That is why emotions must never be key in your life. God’s will can be discovered only in him and in the place of intimacy. As a believer, we are expected to seek God’s leading in everything we do. You cannot be
praying for God’s will and at the same time have a desire for someone in your heart.

One way God leads us is by the inward witness. He will put a conviction in your heart which will lead you in making the right choice. However, God will not answer your prayers in your time, even if you fast and pray everyday.

God knows how to work things out for you at the right time as long as you give him the pre-eminence. Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t determine how he will lead you. Let’s take a look at an example of a common life experience and request. Imagine your request in prayer to God may have been thus: Lord I need a new tire because my spare is bad, Lord

I need that contract signed and I don’t know anybody in that establishment. And then one day, as you are driving, your car develops a flat tire and you stop cars for help. Eventually one person pulls over to help and happens to be an old class mate.

He helps you out with the flat tyre and even gives you his spare freely. As you share old times briefly and what you are into now; sharing recent challenges you have encountered in getting a contract signed, he laughs it off letting you know that the person in charge is his close friend.

He assures you the contract will be signed and drives off. What a miracle. First you get help, then you get the connections you have been thinking of right on the road from an old class mate you probably never dreamt of seeing, and finally he gives you his spare tyre free.

God may never have revealed to you how your request will be answered, but he sets you up with a flat tyre to direct you to the solution he has planned for you.

So in marriage, God will create the right situation to lead you into the right relationship.

For ladies who may develop likeness for a guy, it is best to get to know the person and create a friendly environment. If he is the one for you, he will surely call and be friendly.

Don’t approach a guy, this is not wrong but it’s usually not the best. Take real good care of yourself and your looks. Usually someone will admire you and want to be friends, but if you insist on a particular guy, then summon the courage and make friends with him.

Discuss freely with him just as a friend and maybe he will pick interest in you. Ensure you
control your emotions and seek God for the best, remember that what you may want may
not be what God has for you. God bless you.

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