Official opening of the G7 summit in southwest France.


French President Emmanuel Macron hosted his U.S.A. counterpart Donald Trump for a antecedently special lunch Saturday prior to the official gap of the G7 summit in southwest France.

The two leaders Sabbatum on a terrace at the ornate building du Palais within the Atlantic resort of Biarritz, the G7 venue, simply on a daily basis when Trump reiterated his threat of tariffs against French wine in getting even for a replacement tax on major U.S.A. tech companies.

The surprise lunch looked as if it would be a trial by Macron to induce the summit off on a decent footing when a tense build-up during which Trump and EU leaders listed threats of trade war.

Speaking to reporters in fluent English, Macron referred to Trump as “a special guest”.

He same that they’d be discussing a raft of pressing international problems, together with the standoff with Persia over its alleged WMD ambitions, and stressed that “strong coordination” was required.

Trump met that attractiveness for unity with a somewhat softer approach of his own, having left the US on Friday with a dire warning regarding onerous French wines “like they’ve never seen before”.

“We even have lots in common,” Trump said across the table to Macron, adding that they’d “been friends for a long time.”

Trump said that from time to time they “go at one another a little bit” however had a “special relationship”.

The setting for the G7 summit within the French coast resort clearly pleased the U.S.A. president.

“So far so good. The weather is ideal. Everybody’s getting along. I believe we are going to accomplish a lot this weekend,” he said.

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