Patience! one of the keys to a successful life


Patience is one of the keys to success. An impatient person does not achieve anything good. A friend of mine who is a blogger, has been applying for Google adsense. Every time he applied, Google would turn down his application, just when he was about to give up, Google approved his application.

He didn’t learn patience from that experience. Google started placing ads on his site, and after about 3 months or thereabouts, they asked him to submit a valid ID for verification.

He submitted his voters card three times and it was rejected three times. Now we found out later that the reason his ID was rejected was because it wasn’t clear.

The fourth time he submitted it, Google blocked his account. Now when that happens, you are expected to wait for three months after which you can now submit your ID again but it has to be a more valid one like an international passport or a drivers license, something different from the one that was rejected.

When he complained to me about it, I advised him to be patient and wait for three months, he refused and said he was going to try out something. All pleas for him to be patient for just three months fell on deaf ears. He carried out his plans, and Google shut down his account.

And when this happens, you can’t use that account again, you have to register a new domain name and start all over again which will take between six month to one year before you can apply again to Google.

Impatience can put you in trouble if you are not very careful. Nobody has ever given a testimony about impatience, rather people give testimonies about patience. Because impatience is not of God, it’s of the devil. Everyone In the bible who was patient, had a good ending. Abraham and Sarah, Job, Joseph, Hannah etc They all had a happy ending.

Impatience is what makes people to commit crimes like, rubbery, kidnapping, money rituals and so on. And people who get involved in this things hardly leave to tell the story.

In one of my post about a yahoo plus guy who died barking like a dog, that boy should be about 24 years old. But he didn’t even live long to enjoy the monies he acquired through money ritual. Likewise those who get involved in other crimes to make money, they don’t live long enough to enjoy their wealth. The one’s who are fortunate to live long, do not have peace of mind.

Read also the rich also cry, don’t envy them.

Patience is a virtue, we must learn to be patient, because it pays to be patient.

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