The truth about sex


Sex is not evil, it’s only evil when done with someone to whom you are not married. Sex is meant for the married only. It is an act of covenant between two people who are legally married.

Sex is all encompassing, it involves kissing, necking, smooching, intercourse etc

Sex is not love, if not prostitutes would have been the most loved people in the world. However, this is one way Nollywood and Hollywood has influenced so many believers today. Every movie is spiced up with a sex scene and specifically packaged to excite the sexual passions of viewers.

A guy meets a girl and the next thing they are taking off their clothes to have sex and claim they are in love. This concept is the reason why fornication has become so prevalent in the church today. So the believer now finds it hard to be in love and not have sex before marriage.

Keep yourselves from sexual immorality. For anyone who lives in sin will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Sometimes, it’s important that you do not allow what would have been an enjoyable, sincere, and sweet friendship with the opposite sex develop into a romantic relationship. You will be saving yourself the troubles that often characterise romantic relationships.

Here are a few ways you can achieve that:

1. Keep private issues about your life to yourself. Nothing sparks romance like knowing intimate secrets about the opposite sex. It creates a false sense of closeness and trust that often leads to one becoming careless and unguarded.

2. Point each other to Christ and not to yourselves.

3. Don’t play love for the fun of it.

4. Start taking precautions when you notice you are constantly dreaming of him/her.

5. Never be alone with the opposite sex in a secluded place.

6. Always dress decently.

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