What to do as a fresh graduate


Every year, universities pump out fresh graduates who have no hope of getting a “good job”. So you see confused graduates who do not know their left from their right wondering about.

And when you ask them why they are not working, they say there’s no job in the country, and then when you tell them to start up something for themselves, they would say they have no money.

Well as a fresh graduate, I do not expect you to have monies to start a business, but there are things you can do to raise money. It’s even much easier for guys, if you do not come from a wealthy home, or you do not have uncles and aunties who are willing to raise monies for you to start up a business, you can always go to a construction site and look for something to do, or look for any other menial job to do.

I know someone with master degree who swallowed his pride, went to a construction site to carry blocks for bricks layers just so he could feed his family, and God saw his heart and blessed him with a job later.

I always tell people, when thinking about a business, do something that you are passionate about 

The CEO of one of the leading phone businesses in Nigeria today with over 50 branches in major cities, in a business seminar I attended in Lagos of which he was invited as a guest speaker said; I studied Electrical Engineering in the university, after my youth service, I couldn’t find a job, so I had this friend who used to repair laptops and phones.

Everytime I went to see him, I will watch kinly on what he was doing, I started developing interest and gradually I learnt. So, whenever he had business to do outside his shop, he would ask me to stay in the shop until he returned. So when he was away and people came to repair their laptops, I would attend to them and also fix the laptop for them.

I did it so well that his customers now preferred me to him. He got jealous and threw me out of his shop. Then I met a shoe maker on the next street and negotiated with him to rent a small part of his shop to me so that I can set up my own business.

Few months after, the business grew to a point where the little portion that was allocated to me could no longer contain me, the shoe maker, got angry and chased me away.

By then I have been able save up enough money to rent my own shop. Then one of my customers asked me if I was interested in selling laptops, I said yes, he would travel abroad, buy laptops and send to me. That was how I started.

Now what is the lesson of this story, the young man studied Electrical Engineering in the university, but he had passion for computer and phone repairs. Today he’s among the biggest phone and laptop dealers in Nigeria.

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