Don’t throw in the towel


Believing in the promise of God can make a lot of difference in the way we respond to the issues of life. It’s our reaction to such issues that really tells how much we believe the promises in the word of God.

God gave Noah an assignment to build an ark that was to shield the righteous from a distraction that was to occur many years from the date the task was given him.

But Noah wasn’t told that the ark won’t be needed until the next one hundred and twenty years. So what gave Noah the staying power to keep at the task amidst the taunting of unbelievers of his day? Why did he work at a task for so many years when he couldn’t scientifically prove that what God said was indeed going to happen? Because he believed God.

As young people, there’s so much that tends to distract us from our focus on God’s word. When the enemy attacks your finances, relationships, jobs, health etc.

What he’s really after is your faith. The devil seeks to use challenges in these and many other areas of our lives to cause us to doubt the reliability of God’s promises and faithfulness.

But we must not allow that. We must realise that God’s word carries along with it the ability to perform what it talks about.

Isaiah 55 from vs 9 explains that in the same way it’s not possible for rain to fall on the earth and return to the sky without watering planted crops, God’s word cannot proceed from his mouth without accomplishing that for which it was sent. God’s word can be Trusted to come to pass.


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