God makes all things beautiful in his time


For many singles who are believers, one of the major concerns in their lives, is the issue of finding a partner and getting married.

Several have compromised their belief, disobeyed God and gotten accustomed to worry just because they think it’s time for them to get married and the spouse is not forth coming.

They forget that God makes all things beautiful in his time. Some begin to lower their standards, dress provocatively and do so many unnecessary things to impress instead of simply believing and patiently waiting on

Waiting on God most times doesn’t seem to make sense, the waiting process can be very tedious and unpleasant but if you understand the plans God has for you, you’d agree it’s best to wait. The bible says that, they that endure till the end shall be saved.

God uses the period of waiting on him to transform us. I have faced storms that seemed absolutely obnoxious at the time only for the storms to pass and then I could clearly see the relevance of the experience and why God allowed me to pass through them.

God allows us to pass through storms for several reasons. It could be that there’s a lesson he wants us to learn from it, or he’s trying to refine and prepare us for a better task ahead.

Let’s take the story of Joseph as a case study. All the many storms he faced was to prepare him for the position of the prime minister of Egypt.

Maybe God is taking you through that storm because he’s preparing you for a better job, marriage, etc it’s only if you are patient till the end, that you will reap the fruit of your patience.

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