That you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean that God isn’t doing anything.


A lot of times God only gives us the vision of where he’s taking us, but he doesn’t show us the process or timeline required in getting us there.

He tells Abraham, you are going to have a son through whom I’m going to make you the
father of all nations of the earth.

Abraham was 75 years old when God gave him this promise and he was exactly 100 years old when Isaac was born. God didn’t tell him how he was going to wait for 25 years, or how he would be lured by his wife Sarah to hasten God’s hand by laying with his handmaid, Haggai who begot Ishmael. He cut out the whole methodology of how it will happen and simply told him what will happen.

We should only fix our minds on what God has promised. He handles the hows and whens of his interventions in our affairs. He knows when best to act and never too late on his promises.

Many years ago, I was in a meeting and we were praying for childless couples. As I was praying for this particular couple, who had been married for some years and was looking up to God for the blessing of children, I was led to look up a particular scripture Jeremiah 1 vs 12, ” for I will hasten my word to perform it.” I immediately knew in my heart that my prayers for the couple had been answered and I started to give God thanks. I just waited
for the Lord to accomplish what I am sure he promised he would do.

It took another 4 years before this couple could have their first child, even after I was very
sure that their prayers had been answered.

As believers, we tend to lose our faith in times of adversity all because it seems as though the promises of God aren’t coming to pass. That you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean that God isn’t doing anything.

No matter how things may be going for you, never throw in the towel.

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