43-year-old US woman arrested while attempting to smuggle a 6-day-old baby out of the country in a carry-on bag.


A 43-year-old U.S.A. woman known as Jennifer lensman was in remission by immigration officers in Philippines on wednesday Sep 4, whereas making an attempt to export a 6-day-old baby out of the country in a very carry-on bag.

She was reportedly nabbed after an employee from Delta Airlines alerted airdrome police shortly after she checked in.

The U. S woman was grilled by police on the identity of the child and the way she came to own him once officers at the Ninoy Aquino International airdrome in Manila discovered the kid within “an outsized belt bag” round her waist.

“The child was hidden within the outsized pouch, and she failed to declare nor present him to the immigration inspector.

“The suspect wasn’t able to offer any documents showing she had the authority to take the baby aboard the plane” Melvin Mabulac, a representative for the Bureau of Immigration said.

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