Dont’t give up on God, because He will never give up on you


God is able to do what he says he would do. So don’t give up on God, because he will never give up on you. Just hang in there and believe in the faithfulness of He that promised. His timing doesn’t have to synchronize with you. He doesn’t really have to answer your prayers by your methods and on your terms and timelines because he knows best.

God’s ways are far beyond the ways of men. He what to do and when to, he knows what connections to make for you and how to. He is the master puppeteer behind the curtains, pulling the strings and arranging all events of our lives to the end that his overall purpose and goodwill come to pass in us. Nothing is beyond him, and nothing can ever take him by surprise. Trust Him, He wants you to.

I had been waiting on the lord for the miracle of a new job since I left my last job. I waited for 10 months. After the first four months, I miraculously got a call from a world-class multinational inviting me for an interview. I believed in my heart that God had come through for me. I received a mail three weeks after the interview that I wasn’t successful.

My heart was broken. Lord, I thought you had given me this job I cried. But because God is consistent, I got a call again after over two months from the same company, explaining to me that the reason I wasn’t given the job was that they felt I couldn’t fill that vacancy which was for a particular region of the country. A vacancy had opened up in another region and they wanted to know if I was still interested.

To cut the story short, after another three more interviews and more than 7 months after I first got the impression that God had given me a job with that firm, I got my appointment letter. And the offer was completely fabulous.

The kind only he could have given. All through the period of my wait, the only thing that kept me going was the belief I had that God cannot lie, he doesn’t raise our hopes to dash them. He doesn’t open up a door that someone can shut.

The job didn’t come when I wanted it, it came when I needed it most. He really won’t allow you to be tempted beyond what you can take. He’s always on time and in a fix as to do in any situation. And unimaginably, I am even very grateful that my miracle didn’t come when I wanted it, but when I needed it, because in those my days of waiting, he taught me so much I would never have learned had he come through for me any sooner. All praise be to his name.

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