Who is he that speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken


One of our tenants conspired with the other tenants against my mum simply because she asked her to do sanitation, which she (the tenant) wasn’t willing to do.

They was no type of evil names she didn’t call my mum, they was nothing she didn’t say about my mum just so the tenants will join her to fight my mum. But God was with my mum. What she said about my mum wasn’t what God was saying about her.

Less than two weeks after an incident that occurred which led to them to gang up against her and collectively lied against her before the sanitation committee, God put confusion amongst all of them and they started fighting against themselves. Right now, the table has turned and all of them are now against the coup planner.

One thing I always tell people is that, if you keep your hands clean, God will fight for you. Try as much as you can to stay out of trouble, do what pleases God and leave the rest for him to handle.

If God is for you, no man can be against you. Where people go and say there’s no road, when you go God will make a way. Because the word of God says God makes a way where there’s no way.

When God says yes about your situation, no man can say no. And when he opens doors for you, no man can shut it.

Who is he that speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken. What this means is that, no matter the curse that has been placed on you by the enemies, no matter what has been said against you.

Maybe they have said that you will not amount to anything in life, maybe they have said that you will never have your own children, maybe they have said that you can never get married, maybe they have said that you will remain a looser and so on.

If God has not spoken the same thing about you, the enemies are wasting their time. If God does not permit the devil to try us, the devil cannot do anything to us as Children of the most high God.

So fear not, for God will help you in time of trouble as he has promised. God bless you.

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