Breaking – The hero Of African Liberation, Robert Mugabe is dead


As tributes still pour certain former President of Zimbabwe, the Late Robert Mugabe, who died yesterday, President Muhammadu Buhari has commiserated with relations, friends and political associates of the political activist.

Buhari aforementioned Mugabe fought for the independence of his country from colonial rule, and lived most of his life in public service. The President noted that Mugabe’s sacrifices, particularly in struggling for the political and economic liberation of his people, would continuously be remembered by posterity.

Buhari’s praise of Mugabe’s virtues came as Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, conjointly declared him a national hero, locution that the country would be in official mourning till the previous leader’s remains were brought back from Singapore and buried.

Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s long-serving aide, who took the reins when his master’s fall, known as his precursor “an icon of liberation, an interesting solon of our century and a pan-Africanist, who dedicated his life to the liberation and direction of his people.”

In the same vein, former vice chairman, Atiku Abubakar represented Mugabe as a hero of the African liberation struggle. Atiku said, “No man is ideal and he had his flaws, however no one will take this truth removed from him: That he idolised his country and its people, and took sensible and chauvinistic steps to boost their well-being.

“Mugabe gave Zimbabwe freedom, that in itself is commendable. Yet, he gave them one thing larger than freedom. He gave them education. His razor-like specialize in investment in education resulted in Zimbabwe having the best adult skill rate in continent. One will even say he emancipated the minds of Zimbabweans. Different African leaders will learn from him during this regard.”

Atiku aforementioned that Mugabe’s footsteps within the sands of times were ineradicable and extensive, noting that African leaders have plenty to be told from his several successes and inevitable mistakes.

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