13 year old girl cuts father with a cutlass and bring out his intestine


Certain tribes are known for certain traits. In igbo land, the Abakaliki people are known for difficult jobs. Farmers in Igbo land always use them to do difficult jobs like tilling and clearing of farm lands.

And they are also known for being very mean. An Abakaliki man can kill you over a little argument and not feel any remorse.

This morning a little girl of about 13 years old, cut her father with a cutlass and his intestine came out.

Neighbours say that the man who was identified as mr Fidelis from Abakaliki in Ebonyi state was fighting with his wife, when his daughters in trying to rescue their mum, one of them got a cutlass and cut their father on the side of his stomach.

The man has been rushed to the hospital, while his daughters have been apprehended by the police.


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