Good things don’t come easily


A friend once said; On three occasions I got a job with a snap of the finger and I also lost them that same way.  But the place where am working currently, it took me one year to get the job.

And even though the money is not as plenty as the other places where I have worked before, I have peace, something I never enjoyed in those places.

And then I have some very good people whom God used to uplift me in so many ways. Through them I learnt some things for free which I tried learning some years back and was charged a huge amount of money.

Right now, I have learnt a skill which is paying me ten times what I was earning before. You won’t believe that I also learnt it for free. This is actually a blessing in disguise.

Like the saying, all that glitters is not gold.

When I lost my last job before where I am currently, I thought the world had come to an end. Because all my life I had not gotten a job that paid that much, plus all the benefits that came with it. Free accommodation, free food, free transportation with small small allowances and so on.

But you see, with all of this in place, I had no peace of mind. But then, I didn’t know that God was preparing me for something bigger and better.

Good things don’t come easily, it took me one year of loosing my job to be where I am right now.

The lesson I have learnt so far is that, when Satan takes away that thing which we desire and cherish so much, and God gives us something small as a replacement, we shouldn’t grumble because they might just be a gold buried inside it.

All we need to do is to patiently find out why God took us there. Because you might just realise later that where he has taken you to is far far better than the place you thought was heaven.

If you read my post on “ Patience! one of the keys to a successful life, you will see that it pays to patiently follow God and allow his will to be done. Because the will of God is the best thing that can happen to anybody.

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