Five things employers want from a resume


1: It’s creepy or weird to be artistic along with your resume
Most people wish to impress a possible leader, however that may mean we have a tendency to play it safe with our resumes. however did you recognize going out on a limb creatively are often a decent thing?

Our analysis finds whereas most people prefer to follow tradition, quite half employers say they am fond of it once job seekers do one thing artistic to catch their attention.

Making a video resume could be a artistic concept that appeals to some employers. Our analysis additionally finds line to follow up on an application, or asking to talk to the manager once delivering your resume are alternative ways potential employers appreciate.

2: It’s essential to tailor your resume and cover letter
If there’s something that’s been drummed into us once we’re trying to find work, it’s that we fully should tailor our missive and resume to suit a specific role. whereas most people assume we’ve got to try to to this (71%), the reality is just five hundredth of potential employers can skip past resumes if they haven’t been tailored.

And perhaps astonishingly, solely half-hour of employers would skip past resumes that don’t have a canopy letter.

“You will stand out at the enlisting method by writing a cover letter that shows a number of your specific temperament traits and interests instead of simply writing a cover letter light generic skills.”

3: The longer your resume, the better
You may have enough expertise to fill four pages, however the bulk of employers(79%) like short, one- to two-page resumes.

The key, could be a temporary resume with enough content for a leader to form a call. “Highlight your transferable skills, a snap of your expertise during a table format so details for 2 or 3 of your most relevant positions.” “Ensure the content is achievement-focused instead of listing each responsibility and task you’ve ever completed.”

4: It doesn’t matter what my resume seems like
Looks do matter once it involves resumes – eighty fifth of these concerned within the enlisting method agree a well-presented resume is additional seemingly to catch their attention.

“A well-presented and formatted resume is very important,” “It should be simple to read with many white space between sections and have a uniform font throughout. The document has to be simple to follow with regard to career history and key skills got to be simply known.”

5: Employers perpetually check up on your social media
While most people (80%) assume employers are viewing our social media accounts, the reality is just 65% truly are. Therefore however deep we need to improve our profiles?

It often necessary to audit your social media posts for specific industries. “For some roles, like sales, it’s necessary to be connected, therefore it’s seemingly your on-line presence are reviewed to ascertain your connections and whether or not you’re as social and outgoing as you say.”

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