Wife of a missing Dutch billionaire faces murder charges over his mysterious disappearance


Sarah Wairimu Cohen, the partner of a missing Dutch will to be facing murder charges over the mysterious disappearance of her billionaire Dutch husband, Tob Chichou Cohen.

The Dutch billionaire’s partner is anticipated to endure mental state analysis before her murder trial begins. Sarah was suspected of killing her husband on the night of nineteenth and twentieth, July, 2019 at intervals Nairobi County put together with some accomplices, an allegation her Lawyer Phillip Murgor powerfully opposed by stating that there’s no complete charge before the court.

“Before there’s an application for mental assessment the documents should be complete,” aforementioned Murgor.

Murgor more explicit that before his client undergoes mental analysis, all the documents should be served on the defense because the body of the deceased is nevertheless to be recovered.

Gabrielle Van Straten, a sister of the travel man of affairs who went missing on July 2019 when living in Kenya for thirty two years, aforementioned that they had doubts concerning Warimu and that they wish to grasp her role within the disappearance of their body.

“The police are operating quite exhausting and taking the matter seriously, in the meantime we hope the period that we’ll be in the country that we will get all the answers that we want,” aforementioned Gabrielle.

“Cohen loved this country, he was keen on it, and he promoted and invested with for the most part within the golf and campaign business,” she adscititious.

Commenting on the case which can be mentioned on Mon Sept sixteen, the state prosecuting attorney Catherine Mwaniki aforementioned there are witnesses who have to be compelled to be protected. She more disclosed that the prosecution is glad which is why it’s most popular the indictment. Mwaniki conjointly opposed Murgor’s allegation of 1 of the investigation officers posing for sex from his client in exchange for assistance on the case.

Tob went missing a week after he filed assault charges against Warimu who he was intermeshed in an exceedingly bitter divorce battle with.

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